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Committed to helping individuals on their recovery journey with a supportive living environment.

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The united team at Phoenix Path & Recovery is committed to guiding individuals on their recovery journey in a safe and supportive living environment, combining their diverse expertise to create an inclusive program that promotes personal growth, life skills development, and successful reintegration into society.

our mission

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Our mission is to provide a secure and supportive environment that promotes personal growth, sobriety maintenance, and successful reintegration into society for individuals who have been formerly incarcerated and those who are in recovery. Through structured living, community support, essential life skills development, and access to additional resources, we empower individuals to overcome their past, break the cycle of addiction, and build a better future. We are dedicated to creating a positive and transformative experience that helps individuals on their journey toward lasting recovery and successful reintegration.


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  • Safe and secure living environment, prioritizing physical and emotional well-being.
  • 24 Hour Continuous Support
  • Access to Addiction Treatment Services
  • Life Skills Training
  • Community and Peer Support
  • Recreational Activities

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